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Packages / Rates

Bring Out the Best in Your Dog!

Dog Matching Service: priced on a case-by-case basis*

Consultation: $100*

Hourly rate: $120*
* travel fee may apply for locations more than 10 miles from my home in the Marietta/East Cobb area

Discounts (for those with rescued dogs that need some help)
10% discount for training rescued dogs and puppies—those adopted from a shelter, the Humane Society, or a reputable rescue organization. If you have questions, please ask.

Package Rates

Puppy package (limited to dogs 5 months and younger):
          $450...for 5 hour-long sessions

Training packages:
          $320...for 3 hour-long sessions

          $510...for 5 hour-long sessions

          $800...for 8 hour-long sessions

Day Training:
           Starts at $1000 for 10 sessions (contact me for more info)


Descriptions of Services

Dog Matching Service:
If you are looking for a dog to adopt and want help finding the right match for you, your family, and lifestyle: I can help!
Adopting a dog is a commitment for the life of the dog.  I'll do an assessment of your lifestyle and family and work with local rescues and shelters to help you find the right match. Contact me to discuss your specific circumstances and I'll create a customized plan, just for you, that will help you find the dog that's just for you! Pricing will also be based on your specific circumstances.

Since my goal in training is to build a relationship between you and your dog, it is important that we work together; as a result, I will come to your home and work with you, your family, and your dog(s).
In the consultation, I will get to know you and your dog, discuss management strategies, share some enrichment activities, and get started with some training. We will also discuss how I can help you moving forward and which package is the best in helping you meet your goals.
An initial consultation is required prior to purchasing a training package.

Puppy package (limited to dogs five months and younger):
Puppies are so cute, but they are work. Successfully socializing your puppy, and learning how to interact with and teach your puppy, will lead to a strong, healthy relationship with your dog; I will help you form a foundation for this relationship. Ideally the first session will be prior to your new family member's arrival in the home, to help everyone start off on the right foot. The puppy package includes printouts as well as other goodies—like a Best In Dog treat pouch, snuffle mat, and treats—to help set you and your puppy up for success.
This package includes:

  • potty training
  • crate training
  • socialization
  • enrichment
  • impulse control
  • handling being alone
  • handling at a vet or groomer
  • preventing resource guarding
  • and some basic skills including touch, focus, sit, leave it, and/or wait
  • Training packages:
    An initial consultation is required prior to purchasing a training package. All training packages include an individualized training plan as well as some goodies to help you and your dog—including a Best In Dog treat pouch, snuffle mat, and treats.
    The packages include:

  • principles of learning
  • meeting your dog's needs through enrichment
  • how to manage your learning and living environment
  • relationship building
  • training specific skills based on your goals
  • ...and behavior modification help you meet your goals
  • Some of the specific concerns I can help with include:

  • jumping on guests
  • counter surfing
  • leash walking
  • fear (of noises, people, movement, etc.)
  • shyness
  • under-socialization
  • anxiety
  • hyperactivity / over-stimulation
  • mild resource guarding
  • mild separation distress
  • leash reactivity
  • house training
  • crate training
  • impulse control
  • If the behavior your dog is displaying is not listed, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

    Hank playing some games